I live in an apartment called SJR. Over here, we have a wonderful gardener who has made the apartment beautifully green. There are plants almost everywhere and I feel I am in a green forest when I walk through the apartment.

At the main gate, there is a lot of greenery. There is an arc with the apartment’s name and on the right side, there is a wall that is decorated with a climber taking the whole wall. There is also a grass garden where a small decoration piece is kept amidst the grass:

The Grass garden and wall

In the center, there are coconut tree and beautiful pink flowers next to the cabin for the guards:

Greenery next to the guards’ cabin

On the left side, there are rows of plants and trees, giving the area it's green feeling:

Left side plants

Then as we go straight, there is a small green hut with grass and trees surrounding it on the right:

On the left, there is a lot of bushes and trees but what catches my attention is a mango plant that is going to give a few mangos:

Mango Plant

Then comes A block on the left where this morning I saw this very aggressive dog called Jack who was trying to jump on us but was held back by its leash:

This is Jack

Then there is a slope leading to the basement bordered with trees on the left and on the right, there is B block with a lot of grass on the left. B block is mostly the place where the kids come to play if the 2 playgrounds of the apartment are occupied:

Slope (left) and B block (right)

I am going to take you through the trees on the left next to the slope. These trees are huge and their roots are very very very strong. First, there is a guava tree:

Guava tree

Here, there are quite a few Gulmohar trees with their strong roots and trinks and their beautiful flowers. These all have red flowers and just take a look at the roots!:

Gulmohar trees
The red flowers

On the other side, there is a jackfruit tree with a lot of jackfruits and I stayed away from it because I thought that they looked like they were about to fall! Just next to this place is the C block.

The Jackfruit Tree

Ahead, there is a natural sitting area made of tree stumps! :

And next to this is the D block which is just next to the C block.

The sitting area made of tree stumps

Forward more, there are 2 paths, and the one on the left I call the long cut and the one on the right I call the short cut. In the long cut, there is a lot of greenery. In the starting, there is a mango plant that had a lot of mangoes and we also picked some to make lonji! :

The mangoes!

Ahead, there are plants that look like cherry blossoms to me, but I and not sure. These make a lot of colours! Here is a beautiful pink one and a few white ones:

The flowers

Further ahead, there is a pomogranet plant of which we saw all the stages — from bud to fruit! :

Ahead, there is a small kind of area, like a place in the forest:

Next to that is a small place, like a picnic area:

And then we reach the end of the long cut. Now I will show you the shortcut. The shortcut has the apartment’s swimming pool, badminton court and a hut:

Badminton court

The badminton court is not proper but is goo enough to play in.

Over here, there has been a new plant put:

When we come out at the other side, at the end of the badminton court, there is a long place to walk. Over there, there are so may trees, you won’t believe how many! If you look at them from above, they will make something like a huge canopy! :

Then comes the first playground. There are small pants bordering it on the left side.:


As we move ahead, we find the second playground which has pots and pots of plants inside:

In the end of the walking place, we come back to behind the main gate

Now, come to a canopy of bamboo trees and other plants which gives the area a very cool feeling:

Canopy of plants
Back of wall and under the trees

And that was the walkthrough SJR with it’s beautiful trees and plants!

Thank You!