The Soap Story

Once upon a time, a beautiful castle stood in the middle of a dense forest. In the mornings, the sun glistened on the castle. There was a lake beside the castle and when the sun shone on it, the water reflected it and it made a beautiful sight.

But away from this beautiful sight, in the inner parts of the castle, in one of the clean and glimmering bathrooms of the palace, a few people had never seen the sight. Not normal people. Just as the nurse went out of the bathroom, leaving a box containing the luxurious soaps used by the queen, a small noise filled the room. It was the sound of the soaps coming alive!

There were 4 soaps in total, each of them being a different type of soap. There was Coffee was the most energetic, Milk and Milk-Oats who were sisters and Coconut who was scared of almost everything, especially being used up but it was the dearest wish of the other soaps to be chosen.

‘Ahhh!’ said Coffee, getting up. ‘That was a long time of being still! That nurse didn’t seem to want to leave us!’ “So what can you expect!” said Milk-Oats. “We are the best and most expensive soap, layered with the best smelling perfumes!” Now Milk joined in:” But that doesn’t mean that she has to sit and sniff us for hours!” Milk-Oats said “OH come on! That was only a few minutes!” “Stop arguing!” said Coffee “I hear footsteps!” Coconut who was silently watching the conversation now panicked “Oh no! Oh no! What should we do! “Aaaaah!” ”Oh keep quiet and get into position!” Milk angrily whispered. It was the nurse who had come for a bar of soap for the Queen’s bath. “Now which one should I choose!” she said, thinking. After much time, she decided “This coconut one looks and also smells nice. Let me take this one.” And she walked out of the room. As soon she was out, Coffee said “Oh no! Why did the queen want to bath with one of us today! And worst of all the nurse chose coconut! ” Milk-Oats said “So we have to go save him! We know he is afraid of being used!” “But how!” said Milk. Coffee said, “Let's first try to find the Queen’s bathing area.” So they all got up and pushed away the net covering their box. Now they were standing on the platform next to the sink. They all jumped from the platform onto the lid of the laundry basket standing next to the sink. The laundry basket had holes on its sides for decoration so the soap used the holes as hand and footholds and climbed down the sides. When they reached the bottom and jumped onto the floor. They silently slid across the floor to the door. The nurse had not closed the door properly so the soaps slipped out easily onto the soft carpet. They were next to a corridor lit up with sunlight, reached by a carpeted staircase. Milk said, “How should we get to the Queen’s bathroom?” Coffee said “I don’t know. Do you have any ideas Milk-Oats?”

“Well,” said Milk-Oats, as modestly as she could, “I have thought of something.” “Then tell us!” Chorused Coffee and Milk. So milk said “So many nurses are coming and going in this corridor but passing without seeing us. If we could be visible to the nurses, then most probably one of them will carry us to Coconut. We just need to find out which one is doing there.” Milk looked proudly at her sister. She said “Let’s look at the passing nurses. There will be something that will tell us where she is going.” So they started observing the passing nurses. One of them was carrying a sparkling crown. The three soaps had also noticed this. “Look! Look at what that nurse is carrying! It’s a crown. It could belong to the queen!” Said coffee. “ She must be taking it to the queen for after her bath.” Milk said, “Let's follow her!” And so, the three soaps followed the nurse through the clean white corridors of the castle. They didn’t have to go far because the nurse stopped in front of a beautifully decorated door. The nurse entered and the three soaps quickly followed through the gap of the door. Inside that was a beautiful bathroom like the one they were kept in. A curtain was drawn and from behind the curtain game coconuts voice in a language that only soaps can understand. But it was not the usually scared voice of coconut. He was giggling. “Coconut? Are you there?” asked Milk-Oats in the same language. “Yes! I am here and I am having a lot of fun!” said Coconut “It is not that bad to be used! But I am being used because the queen is having Skin Irritation and the royal doctor said to use coconut oil for irritation. But there is no coconut oil in the palace so the queen is using coconut soap. ” “Oh so that’s why you were chosen!” Exclaimed coffee. That’s when a maid saw them! “What are these new soaps doing here!” she said. As she bent down to pick them, the soaps quickly closed their eyes and became still. The nurse said something and handed them to the queen but the soaps could not hear because she was holding her hand over their ears. The queen took them and they had a lovely time swimming in the bubbly bathtub. In fact, the queen liked the soaps so much that they became her personal soaps and the soaps were very happy as they were mostly used whenever the queen had a bath and amazingly, each time they finished, they were reincarnated and were sent to the castle. I would like to have such soaps! Would you?