Once upon a time, there was a girl called Alice. She was a pretty girl with short brown hair which was cut short till her shoulders. She was an only child and she loved pretty objects. She was 10 years old and was in fifth grade. She lived in the city of Bangalore in an apartment. Occasionally, she accompanied her mother to the market where there were many shops with attractive things that Alice loved to see.

One day, when she was with her mother at the market, a beautiful dark purple bottle caught her sight in a home store shop. She begged her mother to buy the bottle. At last, her mother had to buy the bottle. After shopping, Alison’s mother washed the bottle and Alison kept it right near her bed. That night, there was a noise in Alice’s room. Alice woke up and saw the bottle moving on its own. She got very scared and hid under the blanket. The next morning when the family was having breakfast, she told her parents about it. Her mother said that it must’ve been a dream. Alice’s mother had hung lemons and chilies above Alice’s bed at night as she believed that it will bring good dreams. Alice did not believe that it will help. That night she heard the sound and saw the bottle moving again. She went to the bottle and saw a little fairy struggling to come out of the bottle. Alice opened the bottle and the fairy came out. The fairy was very young and beautiful. She wore a beautiful purple gown and had lighter purple wings from her back. She held a violet wand in her hand and had a light, lilting voice. She said “ Thank you for freeing me. My name is Care. Come with me to Magic Land.” And suddenly the surroundings change and Alice found herself surrounded by magical beings. It was a lush green land with beautiful Roses and Hibiscus everywhere. There were little clearings with little fairy houses where fairies and brownies were bustling around. Alice was walking around and that’s when she could not move! One of the fairies had frozen her for walking under a ladder! Care quickly came there and unfroze Alice. The fairy who froze her said” Don’t you know that you are not supposed to walk under a ladder! It brings bad luck! ” Alice said “ Sorry, but I did not know. Thank you for unfreezing me Care.” Care invited Alice to her house. After eating Alice told Care that she wanted to go home. Care said “ Okay!” And the next moment Alice was home. But in front of her was a black cat Alice was always told that it got bad luck. Alice ran and told her mother who said they could keep the cat. Alice named it Care after the fairy and each time she plays with Care, she remembers her adventure in magic Land.