Once upon a time, there was a girl called Alison. She lived in Bangalore in an apartment. She loves to read books. She had a lot of books in her house. In most of her free time, she read books.

One day, Alison’s parents went out to buy new books. Alison was very excited. When her parents came, they had a box full of books. Alison immediately opened the box and what she’s saw surprised her. The first book was very old but the pictures were modern. Alison took the book and started reading it. One hour passed but the book did not get over. Alison stopped. She looked at the book. It had gotten thicker than before. Alison carefully opened the last page. It did not have words. It only had a purple shimmering swirl at the top. Alison felt it. At once the book closed with a snap. Alison dropped the book, frightened. She slowly picked it up again. There was smoke coming out of the book. Alison thought that she should read some other book. She went to the box of books but from the corner of her eye, she saw something under the dining table. She went and saw it was only a blanket. She turned around. Unknown to her, the blanket started crawling away from her cautiously. Alison turned around for a moment as she thought she saw her toy yo-yo. What a surprise she got! As soon as she saw the blanket moving away, she immediately pulled it and saw a boy inside! Aaaah!” the boy screamed. Now it was Alison’s turn to scream — “Aaaah! Who are you?” The boy replied “I am a ghost. My name is Aakaash. I was strapped in that book. Thanks for freeing me. But with me, you also freed the evil spirit of Noila. Now she will ruin all the things of the humans. She will start with this house most probably.” That was right. The lights went out and it was pitch dark Alison said “OH NO!” Aakaash motioned for her to be quiet but it was too late. The spirit of Noila was in front of her. “Muhahahaha! I shall keep this place dark forever! “She caught Alison with her smelly, slimy hand. But Aakaash took out a necklace with s shell shaped like the one on the book. He muttered something and Noila was sucked into the shell. “Thanks!” said Alison. But it was not time for that. The shell burst open and Noila came out again! She took hold of Aakaash and flew out of the window. There were noises outside and Alison ran to the window. The whole sky was green and Noila and Aakaash were flying in the middle. Then Noila said “Come out my beauties! Help me on my quest!” As soon as she said this a black cat came into each balcony! One was there on Alison’s balcony too and she shut the door with a bang. There was a humming sound in the house. Alison did not notice. She was too scared. The humming went on. Then Alison began to hear it. She looked towards the sound. The broken pieces of the shell were glowing. Then each piece slowly got a small face, legs, and hands. Each of them was smiling. The one in the front said “We are the shell people. We have power that will never leave us. This is what Noila forgot. Now it is time to stop her.” Alison was too shocked for words. She just slowly nodded. And with that, the shell people flew out of the window and coated Noila. Noila screamed “Aaaah! Nooo!” then all the pieces and Noila disappeared. Aakaash said “Goodbye!” and flew away

Alison opened her eyes. “Oh! It was all a dream!” she said. She turned around and saw a ghost. “Aaaah!” she screamed and ran away. Then the ‘ghost’ turned into Alison’s little brother. He said “Oh! Alison did not like my Halloween costume!”