Once there lived a two and a three

They jumped out of the number line and said “We’re free!”

They found a trampoline and jumped and flipped,

They jumped and jumped and till they tripped!

And next to them was standing a six

They both said, “Oh! What a silly mix!”

The six said, “I equal to two into three,

So you both are factors of me!

Two x five = 10

(you can check, it is written in pen)

So two and five are factors of 10!
So do not doubt me, or I’ll call my men”

Then three said “ So when two numbers are multiplied

And your doubts are clarified

The answer that you get

Will have two numbers as its factors, set

The numbers that you multiplied

Are the factors, after you have tried.”

So two said “So now that we understand factors to its best,

Let’s go back in the number line, it’s like our nest.”