Sangini Sharma

Jun 8, 2021

3 min read

Reviews of 3 Disney movies I have watched


  1. Moana:

Gist: Moana is a girl living on an island. She really wanted to go to the sea, but she was forbidden. But when an evil thing that killed plants came to the island, she sets out to find a demigod called Maui who, it is believed, can put things right. Does she achieve her goal?

Rating: The movie is very adventurous and it is also a little funny so my rating is 5/5.

Alladin (not animated):

The gist: A boy called Alladin wants to marry the princess of the land but she can only marry a prince! But then Alladin finds a magic lamp that gives him a genie that can grant his 3 wishes. How does he make use of them?

Rating: The movie is very funny and exciting. I was, again and again, standing up without noticing while watching the movie! So I give this movie a rating of 5/5 and you should really really really really really really really really watch it.

Raya and the Last Dragon:

Gist: Once was a time, when Dragons existed, bringing happiness to the people who worked together in harmony in a joint land called Kumari, shaped like a dragon. But then, the evil Drunn came, which was a thingy that if it touched you, it turns you to stone! The Dragons put all their power in a stone that had so much power that when it was made, it drove away the Drunn and all the stone people came back but not the dragons. But people became greedy and fought for the stone! They got divided and took their own parts of the land, naming them after the parts of a dragon — Tail, Heart, Spine, Fang, and Talon. The stone was kept at Heart but all the other places came and fought over it and broke it and stole one piece for their land and the Drunn came back! Raya, the Princess of Heart went in search of the last Dragon and now she found her! They now work on getting the pieces back and discover how they do it, because they are not the only ones searching!

Rating: I did not like very few parts of the movie, but it was funny and interesting, so I rate it a 4.5/5