The colour orange shows youthfulness, creativity and energy. I agree very much with this as orange is my favourite colour and me and my brother often have fights over an orange plate!


Yellow symbolises joy, positivity and friendliness. Yellow is on the sun, sunflowers and the very tasty cheese! I got to know that yellow also symbolises friendliness when on TV I saw that there was an army who attacked a fort and the people in the fort had to decide if they should wave the red flag of war or the yellow flag of friendliness.


Blue is a very calming and refreshing colour. When you look at it you feel cool and refreshed. But wait! The Shade also Matters! A nice light baby blue is peaceful and relaxing but a deep dark shade of blue will show power and depth! So much about the hue of the blue!


Purple is a colour that shows mystery and magic! I guess that’s why the witches in stories wear purple robes. I feel purple is a bit more feminine and that’s why this happens.


Brown is a natural colour and shows warmth and honesty. Brown also feels close to nature and it is the colour of the soil and the trees. It may feel that brown is a dirty colour but I feel it is a beautiful colour and you should not feel down about the brown!


White shows simplicity and peace. It is a beautiful colour, often used to make other colours stand out. It is a very beautiful white but never use it on a kite! (Because someone may mistake it for a cloud and say है!)


Black symbolises sophistication and power. Stuff sometimes looks very nice if it is black, especially if the surface is glossy. It makes the thing look professional, from wherever you got it!



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