Sangini Sharma

Jun 11, 2021

3 min read

A Yellow Tornado

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sara. Sara was 10 years old and studied in 5th Grade. She was a girl with short hair which suited her slim body perfectly. She lived in Bangalore with her parents. Her mother was a homemaker and her father was a scientist. Sara loved the colour Yellow.

One day, Sarah was in her room, thinking. Her whole room was yellow. The walls were painted a light yellow, the curtains by the dark yellow, even her bedsheet was yellow. Sara had just returned from school and she was thinking about what she had learned in school — Tornadoes. Her teacher had shown the class a picture of a tornado. Sara did not like the picture. It was very dark and gray. “What fun it would be if there was a yellow tornado.” she thought. Suddenly, she made up her mind to see a yellow tornado. She quickly went to her father's lab which was a beautiful white building that was not very tall and it stood right next to Sara’s apartment. Sara’s father had bought it for the convenience of the family. Sara said, “Papa, I want to see a yellow tornado!” Her father, who was between an important experiment, said “Not now, Sarah. I am doing important work.” Disappointed, Sarah went to her father’s friend who was also a scientist and he often worked with her father. His lab was on the second floor of her father’s building. When she reached his lab, she saw him looking at some charts. Sara said “Uncle, could you please help me see a yellow tornado?” When the scientist saw Sara, he said “Oh, hi Sara. Sorry but I have to study these charts right now. Sara just went home. Her mother saw how disappointed she was and asked her what had happened. Sara told her everything that had happened. She said “You don’t need to go to a scientist for that! We can do it at home! Now go and get your yellow glitter.” Sarah went to her room and took her glitter. When she came out, she saw her mother with a tall glass made of glass and a blending machine. Sarah’s mother put water in the glass and then plugged in the blending machine. She put the blending machine in and the water started to mix because of the rotation of the blending machine. The rotation was so fast that from the side, it looked like a tornado, which was yellow because of the glitter. Sara was happy because she had seen a yellow tornado. She took pictures and had fun showing them to her teacher and friends and she also told them how to make one. She also showed her father who said “I did not know what you were saying at that time because my mind was busy but now that I know that I know, I will tell you a great coincidence — I was experimenting with Tornadoes too!”