The Seasons are four in all

Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall

Oh wait, there is one more

Let me mention it, or it will feel sore!

It is the Rainy season!

Thank Goodness I mentioned it, or it would have asked for the reason!

The summer has swimming, umbrellas, and ice-creams too

Because the hot makes us shout “Phew!”

In the rainy season, And the rain pours down

So we stay at home and can’t go out to town

The winter comes with skating and sleds

But outcome gloves and socks, so we don’t get a cold and go to our beds!

Fall has leaves, red, orange and yellow

Spring too has colours, and in flowers, they flow!

There was a dholak who played a Damaroo

Oh sorry, I’ll tell it again to you

It was the damaroo who played the dholak

Oh no, my words I have to suck

But now dear me

there is no other way I can see

So I’ll tell the whole story!

Once there lived a two and a three

They jumped out of the number line and said “We’re free!”

They found a trampoline and jumped and flipped,

They jumped and jumped and till they tripped!

And next to them was standing a six

They both said, “Oh! …

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Sangini Sharma

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